Hi my name is Vivian Gendernalik and I am a demons ninja.

What is a demons ninja?

Well, ninja in that context has two meanings: It means I am an expert on demons and I fight them. When I say fight them I don't mean I go looking for them like a ghostbuster; it means when they come to make war against me as a child of God, I defend myself. As they are a very tiresome adversary, they keep coming back to make war as they do against all the children of God and so I get a lot of practice.

How do you get to be an expert?

There are 2 ways: One through education by formal learning which can be limited to structured teaching and is a time-honored way to achieve expertise. The second is through experience alone, accumulating that expertise through hands-on interaction with the subject.

My expertise comes through primarily the second form, through actual encounters, some of which I have featured in my book, “Born In A War Between Dark And Light.”

But it wasn’t just true-life experiences alone that have gotten me to be able to hang a shingle that says I am a Demons ninja. As I got more serious in seeking the things of salvation, turning from the worldly focus to the things of Christ, I found myself receiving many powerful scriptural revelations through the leading of the Holy Spirit and those revelations have rounded out my understanding concerning demons, built on the solid foundation of the Word.

All of this has led me to an Internet ministry that focuses on the task to reveal demons are real with the objective to empower people to not fall to the schemes of the demonic principalities, and either lose their salvation if they are believers, or never come to Christ in the first place if they are not, both with the same tragic eternal consequences.

It is my hope to turn as many believers as I can reach into the confident soldiers in Christ they were called to be, able to defend themselves against any attack of the enemy, a fighting ability achieved when you have the power of the Word of God gotten by true worship in spirit and in truth. Because we are in the last days, developing this fighting ability is essential to stand firm against the wiles of demons.