Demons Our Oppressors Not Friends.

Saints on the offense to demon wilesby Vivian Gendernalik

Television shows have glamorized the sort of relationships a person can have with demons, to get people to entertain demons as friends, demons as potential romantic interests, demons as having something positive, biting into a demonic strategy to get a portion of people disqualified from heaven from such lawless thoughts. 

In such stories, ideas are planted that some demons can be befriended, with story slants that shine a tinted-color lens upon demons that make them attractive, fictionally portrayed as a kind of relationship that can exist between a man and a demon yet is entirely bogus and untrue. 

It is in the Bible where one finds true-life examples of the only possible relationship that can actually takes place between a human and a demon, the only kind of potential relationship that will occur when the veil of demonic deceit is ripped away.

You have to consider that a demon you can classify as a hostile thug of an alien origin, not human. If you watch enough Sci-Fi you catch on that an alien race is not going to feel that you, a human being, are one of them and there is going to be this ongoing hostility of some level.  That is what racial wars are made of.

If even men in the same skin by sheer color differences hold hostile feelings to those differently colored folks, a far greater one exists between the demon race to us, which is the fallen angel race and humanity, because they have bitterness to the grace we have from Jesus they never will get.

In this bitterness lies a deep, festering hatred to us, stewing violently over the past ages since their fall, that we are given a special consideration from the everlasting love of the Creator to us (Jeremiah 31:3), who made us special to be created in His image (Genesis 1:27), and gifted us with a special means to be part of the Creator's family tree (Romans 11:17-19) as His adopted children (Romans 8:15).

From this divine plan, we have each been given an opportunity for special grace for repentance for our sins that the fallen angels are forever denied (2 Peter 2:4), and these are the beings you are dealing with when you interact with demons. These are doomed beings permanently sentenced to destruction, a sentence that has yet to arrive in its fullness as described in Revelation 20:10-14 when Satan and Hades will be cast into the lake of fire.

So you have to realize you are dealing with beings that have a damnation sentence over their heads and their great bitterness against us who were never heavenly beings yet who have been given privileges these beings would kill for, privileges of which none of us deserve! Never can a friendship exist between our kind and theirs; it is only a setup if it is from their side to us, never a friendship, but a falsehood.

The example that the Bible gives of this permanent hostility that the demons have against us and the only kind of relationship we will receive from them in truth when there are no snares being set and they are just in truth coming at you without any concealment, is in Matthew 12 verse 22: "Then a demon-oppressed man who was blind and mute was brought to him, and he healed him, so that the man spoke and saw." (ESV)

The definition of that man was that he was demon oppressed. He was not described as demon befriended. He was not classified as demon enriched. He was not described as demon loved which is what Satan wants you to believe through the deceitful messages he has influenced television writers, film writers, novel writers and all other kind of fictional writers to portray so that you will seek after such relationships in your utter ignorance.

That verse in Matthew 22 shows the reality of the true relationship ultimately you get with any demon interaction, any demon relationship, is that you will be oppressed.

This blind and mute man was oppressed by the demon. He was not loved or befriended or anything that the devil wants you to believe so that you will sit at the table of demons in your ignorance believing that such a relationship can exist. 

Here, again, we see in the Bible more revelation about the demonic kingdom that reveals the truth about our sworn enemy so that you can resist any snares.

Bottom line demons are not our friends, demons will never be our friends and the goal of demons is to oppress us, oppress us here if they can get away with it, and oppress us with great severity in hell.

To understand the motive of the relationship a demon seeks with a person, the wisdom of it is in this verse 22 when it describes the situation this blind and mute man was having with this demon. This demon was oppressing him.

To truly understand that kind of motivation and drive the demon had, which is the focal motivation all demons have with all men, you have to understand what oppress means. Oppress means to keep someone in slavery and in hardship; not a bit of trouble as hardship is trouble more than you can bear that strips you, robs you, destroys you, especially by the unjust exercise of authority.

That is why for this example I am presenting on how demons are not our friends I feel the ESV translation is more accurate than KJV because oppression in the case of this man shows the nature of the mastering he was under, or possession, which was directed to his sight and speech.  It was not the kind of possession we normally think of in that the man acted like one supernaturally possessed, but a slavery and hardship that controlled his speech and sight to leave him unable to participate normally in life.

Even if you are a saved child of God, a demon is unjustly working to oppress you to unfair levels, even if your eyes are off the world, and you worship God in spirit and in truth by not just talking the talk of salvation but walking the walk of salvation, which is the difference between just a hearer of the Word and a doer.  "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves," James 1:22, ESV.

When you understand this really is the relationship demons seeks with us, and ultimately the relationship you will get with a demon, whether here or in the hereafter if you are foolish enough to believe you will be their friend this is what you will reap by sowing a relationship or seeking to sow a relationship with anything demonic, even in your mind because you have to remember in heaven if you think of doing something it is considered done (Matthew 5:28).

Thus, if you are thinking of having a romance as a fantasy with a demon or you are thinking of having a friendship with a demon you are considered already having friendship with demons and you are considered sitting at the table of demons.

But as the Bible says you can't sit with the Lord and sit at the table of demons.

"You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord's table and of the table of demons. Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than He?" 1 Corinthians 10:21-22 NKJV

If you are, the Bible makes clear while you may think the Lord may be sitting with you, you are sitting strictly with demons at that point and you are in great trouble of your eternal safety, from the jealous wrath of God.

The way out of that deadly dining arrangement is to repent and rid yourself of such items that have influenced you to accept this snare to sit at the table of demons. That involves never watching such stories, throwing away such materials if you have it, cutting off any associations with others with the same defiling passions, and of course repenting to the Lord because as far as heaven is concerned in entertaining such an idea that a demon is a friend in any level to you or worth any relationship to you. you were at that time at the table of demons.

That is why it pays to devote time learning about our worst enemy so you do not fall to the many mature snares they have laid out there. One of them that has gotten deep roots is that there are some demons with whom a relationship can be a positive thing, can result in a real friendship, can result in a real affection, in a real love, in a real loyalty, in a real positive return, whether a true power, a true gifting.

Again, since it is all coming from your sworn enemy who is doomed and the doomed who know they are doomed, having nothing more to lose, they use all kinds of deceit and one of them is that there exists any kind of positive potential between a human and a demon in any type of relationship.

Instead, the truth that such a relationship will result in is in Matthew 12:22, oppression, subservience of the person and hardship, whether through earthly subservient hardship or brutal subservience and hardship if they entrap a person to hell which is the sole ultimate fervent goal of every demon in existence.

One finale comparison to help paint a vivid picture to you how demons are not our friends: It is a fairly accurate viewpoint to perceive every single demon as a kamikaze attacker and we are the target enemy of their suicidal attack.

As you most probably know, kamikaze is the kind of attacker who is committed to his or her destruction to take out an enemy.  Such an attacker commits deliberate suicide. The difference here is demons have the same resignation, same fervor, same single-mindedness and same frenzy of a kamikaze attacker to their intended target, which is us, the human race yet in a flesh mortal body.

Though it is not a deliberate choice of suicide that has them in this no-holds-barred mindset of attack methodology towards us, it is with complete awareness instead their time is running out before their time of torment. 

"What do you want with us, Son of God?" they shouted. "Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?" Matthew 8:29 NIV

Like enraged rebellious kamikaze lone-wolves consigned to a punishment they utterly protest, their aim is to cause as many salvation casualties to us as possible before their own fatal impact with the lake of fire. Most certainly no being with such an orientation will ever benefit you to do business with or befriend. To fancy such a thing is like having the mindset of a fly foolish enough to believe it can benefit in business or friendship with a spider: surely the fly will be welcomed until the point it can definitely be consumed. I cannot paint it any clearer to warn you of the fate of such foolish thinking.

You can take such a viewpoint that a relationship with a demon can be a good thing for you and call it what it is, demonic, and bind the evil in the name of Jesus (Matthew 18:8, Matthew 12:29), refusing the demonic spirit out of hell behind it trying to trip you up into the pit they dug for you in hell with the mission to get you into through deceits like this.

Vivian Gendernalik is the author of "Born In A War Between Dark And Light," where she shares her supernatural encounters to illustrate via Bible principles the battle against our souls by the forces of evil and how to stand firm against them.


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