Demons Use Subtle Strategies Able To Ensnare Even Most Faithful.

Saints on the offense to demon wilesby Vivian Gendernalik

This is a call to the saints who can become entangled to these subtle demonic snares without them even realizing it. 

Because it comes in a modern package, often the faithful do not realize they have fallen for an enemy snare. 

This ability of subtle warfare is biblical as we are told that Satan uses wiles to overcome us. 

What are wiles? Wiles are strategies that are cunning, devious, meant to overcome people without them even knowing it, such is the cleverness of those strategies.

Through these wiles, the army of demons uses such subtle tactics to snare even the most dedicated Christians. For example, one such subtle snare which can befall Christians running personal or professional Internet ministries is, if this is you, that you find yourself putting your eyes on worldly stats of visitors or members that you have gained and writing about these statistics on your site as a thread of interest itself. However, if this is you, you need to forget about such worldly news. Instead you need to return to your first love, and put your eyes on Christ and spreading his Word.

These worldly concerns come in hidden appearances, but they all lead to the same snare: worldly musings. Refuse to nibble Satan's bait where he just gives you a little tug on his smooth lure made to look harmless because it is so small. Soon, however, you will find yourself obsessing. That which overcomes you to that you are enslaved to (2 Peter 2:19). If you are allowing such posts put on your Christian pages in exchange for any kind of service, this is akin to allowing money changers to set up shop in the House of God. Seems harmless, but soon your blog or tweets that should be an oasis to salvation has become a billboard littered with worldly messages that take away the power of Christ's Words you are aiming to share, having sold out your dedication to feature a Christian-centered message for free usage of some app.

When you start compromising in one way, it can lead to all other kinds of compromise, of which the principalities of darkness so cross their claws you will do, tugging you ever so softly further and further from a walk in Christ, to a worldly walk of compromise; you have to watch out. Soon your blog or twitter posts will fill rather than with edification on the way to salvation, or little nuggets of faith builders, it will fill instead with talk over stats of visitors, how many you have gotten that day, how many you have lost; idle chatter, another enemy evil as we will be held accountable for every word we speak. We are to hold captive all thoughts in obedience to Christ.

It is human, or more specifically fleshly, to focus on worldly concerns, how secure your pot is that feeds your belly; and this is what calls for endurance of the saints. As I have stated, the principalities which we wrestle against use sophisticated subtleties in order to snare people into useless activities that take their eyes off of the path to heaven, or leading others to that path. Resist the devil and he will flee.

Checking your site's stats or making use of an app to help manage your Christian-focused Internet ministry is not a sin, but when you start filling your Christian blog, or twitter page, or facebook page with this data, whether willingly or part of the condition of using such a service, instead of feeding the sheep of Christ, you have fallen for the enemy snare. The solution in this example is to repent and cut that snare in the name of Jesus. No app or service is worth putting over or sharing equal or predominant space with your ministry, even if those are its conditions. Either pay for such a service if it takes away forced-placed advertisements, or only use such a service to the point where you are not required to publish a commercial post on it, and resist turning your Internet ministry, whether a personal ministry for Christ or a professional one, into a compromised House of God.

Otherwise you are selling out your Christian standards in exchange for whatever such an app or service provides you. You are playing the harlot over some spiritually meaningless return, pushing aside space meant solely for things of God, to promote a worldly item, words not too strong over this kind of demonic strategy to lead you to a worldly focus in the midst of one only meant as a Godly focus. I, too, fight such snares myself, so do not think I am above this, as we all wrestle against these principalities and wrestling denotes a great struggle that engages you in full to beat. However, Christ can make each of us stand if we hold fast to his teachings, remember that.

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Vivian Gendernalik is the author of "Born In A War Between Dark And Light," where she shares her supernatural encounters to illustrate via Bible principles the battle against our souls by the forces of evil and how to stand firm against them.


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