Types of Demons or Not Any Types of Demons...That is the Question.

Saint standing firm, holding the Bible, our weapon of our warfare has the divine powers to destroy strongholdsby Vivian Gendernalik

When I had been researching what domain name to call this site before I got a Holy Spirit inspiration to call it demons.ninja, I discovered that people search online for 'types of demons.'

Some are seeking this not because they really wonder what kinds there are, but to learn more about certain game or story characters.

Some of course are wondering about the real demonic world, which I can attest to you through personal encounters is true just as the Bible says.

When we turn to the Bible for any evidence concerning types of demons, Scriptures reveal that indeed there are different types when we look at the various experiences of Jesus and the Apostles.

Personally I have met at least 5 kinds of those as spoken about biblically some of which I tell about in my book, "Born In A War Between Dark and Light."

To give an example to some of the types of demons that the Bible reveals there are, I bring to mind the ones spoken of in Ephesians 6:12:

Evil Cosmic Rulers

These reside in the cosmic darkness of the unseen world.

Evil Authorities

Not to be confused with the rulers, as they are classified as different but both reside in the unseen world. The Bible does not state "rulers/authorities," but "against rulers and against authorities" which shows these are two distinct types.

Evil Principalities

These reside in this world of darkness, overseeing different parts like earth governors oversee different geographic areas. In my own book I tell how I encountered a principality ruling over a bad section of Miami where I had lived, and on another occasion a cosmic ruler, so out of my own experience I can definitely confirm this Bible material true, not that the Bible needs any kind of confirmation. However, my testimony helps to counter the continuous doubt the enemy sows to demean and belittle all Bible truth especially where it concerns anything that leads to the saving of a soul.

Spirits of Wickedness

These live in the heavenly realms.

Next are the other kinds of demons the Bible has made clear exist, which are not rulers or authorities, or principalities, or residing in the heavenly realms, but more as foot soldiers on earth engaged in the direct hand-to-hand combat against us, enacting the orders of the higher demonic commands, such as:

Sickness demons

These do Satan's work by afflicting people with all kinds of infirmities such as the mute and deaf demon (Mark 10:25).

Hindering demons

These do Satan's work by hindering people, as Paul was hindered twice from visiting the Thessalonians (1 Thessalonians 2:18), a hindering he clearly stated was not through something which was of his own delay, but through something which Paul identified as an evil source which he definitely recognized as of Satan, such as factions, evil disputes and other disturbances which are demonic (Romans 1:13).

These and other such demons in the direct combat ranks are the ones that carry out the wiles of the Ruler of the World, Satan (John 12:31). These are brief examples and not an inclusive list of every type of demon shown in the Bible.

However, this can be said about all the different types no matter chain of command or to the least foot soldier: Once all these various demons were angels, but now they are fallen (Revelation 12:9). As Revelation 12:4 implies according to some scholars, their number is huge, comprising a third of the angels in heaven.

Unfortunately, as the Bible clearly reveals, we have a true adversary, Satan, and he runs a highly organized army comprised of different types of demons. To walk in the midst of this warfare as if it does not affect you is to put yourself at a critical disadvantage, one the demonic realm is very happy any person adopts.

Now here is what really puts steam out of my ears: people who profess to be Christians who view any mention of hell or demons in the Bible as a means to control others, and not plain fact.

That such 'believers' are far more comfortable labeling our Lord, Jesus, as a liar than accepting what he said as factual as the others things he spoke about which he did not quantify as a parable, is what steams me. Of course, they might deny they are calling Jesus a liar, but in essence, that is what they are doing when they openly scoff against the reality of demons, even a single one who goes by the name of 'Satan,' forget about getting into different types with such 'Christian' scoffers. Obviously if one dismisses any words of Christ, they can't be a follower of Christ because the Bible says the reason someone does not hear the word of God is because they are not of God (John 8:47). Not only is it demonic to hold such a view, it is also an anti-Christ stance.

The very mission of the Son of God coming to earth was to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). So a scoffer against demons is actually scoffing against what Christ died on the cross for, which is to destroy the works of Satan. How are Satan's works performed? Through many of his fallen angels. So if you are a real believer you can have no question on demons if they are real: with the same faith you have in Christ, you hold as true all that his life and words showed, proving that the demonic is real, that demons plague people, that they possess people, and that they influence people to act against God's will.

Therefore, it is as essential to keep as a frontlet to your eyes, the reality there are genuine types of demons at work to make you mess up on your Christian walk, in hopes to get you disqualified to enter heaven, in the same manner that Paul warned about could happen even to him despite all of his preaching if he did not keep his flesh under control (1 Corinthians 9:27).

When you keep in mind there are real types of demons, it leads you to examine what is behind your daily actions with diligence, and test, as one should, if your actions are abiding in Christ or succumbing to demonic lures to wander in disobedience to Christ.

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Vivian Gendernalik is the author of "Born In A War Between Dark And Light," where she shares her supernatural encounters to illustrate via Bible principles the battle against our souls by the forces of evil and how to stand firm against them.


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